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stones: agate

stones: agate

A stone created, by the earth’s volatile past, up to 100 million years ago could possibly be called the Stone for Today! This is because the Agate has been worn throughout the ages for protection and to encourage individuals to find the positive out of what is perceived to be negative. Some would say that we have a volatile age happening right now as well. With all the uncertainties and instability that many are dealing with right now it seems that this stone, which traditionally brings courage, inspiration and protection, is just what was ordered.

There are hundreds of different types of agates but all have one thing in common, they are all beautiful. Agates can contain many colors or just a couple of colors. The colors found in agates include red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink and black, with blues and purples being rarer than the other colors. There are also black and white agates, such as the Mexican Crazy Lace, which can be red and white as well. The agates versatility comes mainly from the fact that it has so many colors and formations to it. Below is a list of the agates we have, or have had, and what they have been traditionally used for. This is only a very loose guide and is very brief for ease of use. Also, for your convenience, the subsequent chakras they align most to have been added. After this list we will consider the overall attributes of all agates.

Blue Lace
(Throat Chakra) Joy, Truth, and Inspiration / Used most often for Angelic Connections

(Chakra dependent on color) Helps release repressed emotional issues and heal them / has been known to be used for fertility.

Lake Superior
(Root and Sacral) Helps awaken one’s natural talents and creativity. Protective stone for warriors in all walks of life.

Mexican Crazy Lace
(Root) Helps increase laughter, release emotional pain, and increase stamina and energy. Helps many find themselves when they are lost, by first finding their roots.

(Root & Sometimes Heart) Connects one to the natural world so that one may “hear” it.

Oregon Eye
(Overall) Good for connecting with and understanding others motives and feelings.

(Overall) Helps with transitions in life, aids healing process of skin diseases, connects one to one’s creativity, aids in balancing emotional ups and downs, and helps lift depression.

(Root & Heart) Connection to Earth entities such as fairies and other wood sprites. Helps one with the ability to “see” it.

(Root) Aids self esteem, promotes acceptance of oneself and one’s family as well creating more harmonious familial relationships.

The agate overall is the best stone for children in the sense that it is not overpowering. Children align better with gentle energies and although the agate is strength and protection, it is done with subtlety. One of the other reasons it is so wonderful for children is because it is a great stone to help one develop friendships and there is nothing more important, to all ages of children, as their relationships with others.

While being one of the best stones for help with stamina, strength and courage it has also been traditionally used for helping heal fractures, infections (esp. of the skin), and easing arthritic pain. This stone can aid with illuminating negativity so it can be diffused, increasing concentration, tribal strength and family ties, promoting good dreams while making one feel safe if bad ones occur, helps to calm fears and phobias, and finally, helps one to be less disagreeable and look outside of the box.

Lastly, the agate can be a wonderful aid in divination and meditation. Besides the comfort it provides, in just the feel of it, an agate can be used for gazing into for relaxation and meditation. The more bands, plumes, or eyes an agate has creates more beauty to be lost in, even if just for a moment. And sometimes a moment is all one needs to “see” something new or renew. Find the right agate for your pocket today.

Next time we will look at stones like Ocean Jasper which is an agate, Fire agate which isn’t truly an agate, and all those wanna-be and pseudo-agates. Till next time…  



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