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inspiration: a million moments

inspiration: a million moments

You must understand the whole of life, not just one little part of it. This is why you must read, look at the skies, sing and dance, write poems, have challenges, and understand, for all that is life.  ~ J. Krishnamurti 

Why are we here? What is our purpose? “The Secret of Life” is what most people are looking for it seems? We see it every day at the shop. We see it every day in ourselves. It is both the driving force and the battering ram upon us. Some wish to know it and yet really don’t. Most will know it but might not see it. And others just don’t want to think about it even if it won’t leave them alone.

The above quote caught me in the first line. “You must understand the whole of life, not just one little part of it”. The answer escapes us our whole lives because we need to live our lives to get the answer. It is only at the point of our last breath, hopefully in old age, that we finally have a moment when we get the answer. And I believe that the answer as to why we are here is simply to live! Whether hours, weeks, or 100 years, we live, and sometimes we learn what we need to, and move on. There are wonders along the way, and sadness, and great joy. These are all individual moments in our lives. If we live in each moment we experience life, but if we come to the end of our life, and look back on it as a whole, we come to know why we were here. The moments don’t hold the answers, the moments hold the experiences. So the whole of our experiences in our lifetime is the answer of why we are here and what our purpose is. There really isn’t just one thing that makes it all come together. It would not be that easy; after all, life is anything but easy!

Let’s look at it this way; as the sentence above states, life is made up of moments, the “little parts”. These moments are sometimes beautiful, sometimes tragic, but moments just the same. I believe the reason we get confused about the meaning of life is we only look at the little parts. It is confusing because we, here at the shop, as well as so many others, will tell one to live in the moment. Did you notice the “key” word in that statement is IN? We don’t say to live FOR the moment but to live IN the moment. Because living IN the moment is just about being present, not about making that moment all there is. So when we say to live in the moment it isn’t about completely forgetting our past and not looking to our future but EXPERIENCING the moment. The past never leaves us and will be with us always. We don’t let go of our future because it gives us something to look forward to. But if we don’t experience the present then we will not be making a past for the future, and we won’t be moving on and learning so that we can make our future happen. Wow! No worries...even my head is spinning!

I went to a funeral this past week. It was the funeral of a man who just turned 50 a couple of months ago. When those who were honoring his lifetime spoke about him they spoke about the moments they had with him. The experiences they had. The talks and walks with him. There wasn’t one moment in his lifetime that defined who he was but a million moments with many. That is our purpose…a million small moments that make all the difference in other’s lives as well as our own. I almost find it sad now when someone who dies in a war, or someone who died saving people on 9/11, or even a celebrity dies and there is only one thing in their lives that is focused on, as if that was their “purpose”? And it feels like so many feel that they have not contributed in this life if they haven’t lived one moment that others will talk about for years to come. There is not ONE person who does not touch another somehow or some way. And that is our purpose. And if you connect with just ONE person in your lifetime you will live on in them. Perhaps it won’t be on such a grand scale as some, but that isn’t about purpose. Our purpose is to live all the moments we are given and make connections. Our purpose is to live, our journey is to help us live and others we make connections with help us on our journey. So focus on that journey or path you are on and forget about purpose.

Now, go live in the moments! And wait till the end of your life to figure out your “purpose” or you will just forever find yourself on a hamster wheel! And good luck getting off one of those!

Joan and Merri     


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