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This beautiful quartz is just fascinating. Some of them can be looked at again and again and still something new is discovered inside. This is why it is such a great crystal for all of us. It reminds us how no matter how well we think we know ourselves, or no matter how much we think we know someone else, there is always something new to discover if we take another look and go deeper.

Most phantom quartz shows an outline of a previous stopping point in the crystal’s growth. Within the crystal one can see the outline of what the crystal was at an early stage when something happened and the crystal stopped growing. It is representative of how we get stuck along the way sometimes. We may stop on our path but eventually we find our way and begin to grow again. It shows us that even though we may get stuck sometimes, our potential is truly amazing. Sometimes, as we are working on our spiritual evolution, it is necessary to take a look at past karma or even past lives to help us. These crystals are excellent choices for this and much more.

The Angel phantom quartz doesn’t always have a clear definition of a stopping point in its growth. They are called Angel phantoms because they seem to have almost wispy wings within them that appear to be glimpses of Angels. It has a strong connection to the Angelic realm and carrying one of these will help bring clarity for the bearer in hearing the guidance of Angels. And it will remind one that the Angels are always by our sides and that we are loved.

This crystal has several minerals within that create such whimsical beauty. Each of these minerals have properties unique to themselves but when growing together it becomes a
powerful tool for your evolution. It is also called Amphibole quartz and the minerals found as inclusions that create the “phantoms” are a combination of Limonite, Hematite,
Kaolinite, and Lithium. Lithium has calming properties, Hematite helps keep us grounded, Kaolinite keeps us on our path and helps to strengthen our intuition, and Limonite is
protective. It’s like carrying our own tool of empowerment and growth all within one crystal.

Within this quartz the combination of minerals sometimes create tiny little worlds. The vision of what we see is unique to each individual. One might see an animal face while another sees a small landscape out of an alternative reality to dream in, and still another sees the flight of Angels. There is something special within this crystal for each to find guidance. With so much going on inside, this stone reminds us of our own inner strengths. It also helps us balance our energies so we don’t get bogged down in the day to day stress and chaos we find ourselves drowning in sometimes. It can aid dream recall and assist one in the practice of lucid dreaming as well.

Angel Phantom Quartz is a wonder and just one more gorgeous gift from our Mother Earth that would be a great gift for anyone, even a gift to oneself. We have a limited supply of small tumbled Angel Phantom Quartz but new, hand-picked, stand-alone crystals will be here soon! A great crystal in helping one find out about their past lives to the present.

Come on in and find yourself in the worlds within the Angel Phantom Quartz.



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